Making delicious biscuits for over 100 years

We are Master Biscuit Makers since 1907

Artiach is one of the oldest biscuit companies in Europe. Founded by the Artiach family, in 1907 it opened its first oven and biscuit shop in the heart of the city of Bilbao.

Since then, each Artiach biscuit encloses the work of so many years in this profession always driven be the need to carefully select the best ingredients and create the most delicious recipes to make something exceptional from small, everyday things.

We firmly believe that our continuous effort in our passion—making biscuits—is tangible in our products. Thank you for allowing Artiach to continue offering you the very best throughout this 100-year journey.

Our Original Recipes


This has been one of the best-known and most-loved Artiach brands since it was launched more than 90 years ago. They're still made with the traditional recipe created by Artiach's first master bakers. That's why they're a favourite with those families who are looking for that eternal quality and flavour.


Delicious, practical and very nourishing dinosaur-shaped biscuits. Rich in cereals and with 7 vitamins, kids love them for their flavour and the exciting Jurassic adventures they can imagine while they devour them… Ideal for breakfasts and snacks between meals.


At Artiach we know that good things come from the heart. That's why our master biscuit makers created Princesa biscuits. They're unique with their crunchy, flaky-pastry-like dough and their unmistakeable heart shape.


Marbú is a true classic among María-type biscuits. Their flavour, texture and quality make them unmistakeable and unbeatable. They're ideal for dunking, spreading and combining. Can you think of a better way to start the day?


Artinata biscuits are unmistakeable thanks to their double layer of fine wafer and their smooth cream. Light, crunchy and delicious in their four flavours: cream, lemon, chocolate or chocolate and mint. Enjoy them as an after-dinner dessert or with coffee or tea.


Filipinos will surprise you with their perfect combination of real chocolate and crunchy biscuit. They're fun and perfect for sharing. Enjoy them however and wherever you like.


Open a box of Selection or Temptations and you won't know which to choose... All the varieties have been created to surprise and excite you. You can keep eating your favourite or try them all. You'll never get bored! Enjoy the pleasure of sharing them with those you love most.

Bio · Ecologic

Artiach presents its new range of organic biscuits. As well as tasting really good, they're made with organic ingredients. Their two varieties are designed for those who enjoy a unique and inimitable flavour.


Logo of Filipinos Cookie of Filipinos

Who hasn’t shared a package of Filipinos? After all, the spirit of this brand is all about sharing good times in good company. Filipinos boasts various chocolate flavours (white, milk and caramel)—the ideal snack.

Making delicious biscuits for over 100 years

We are proud of to have surpassed 100 years of history.

Getting here has not been easy. We all know how difficult it is to make projects a reality and even more how hard it is to keep them alive over time given changing environments, emerging competition and evolving consumers. But Artiach has known how to transform itself, modernise and overcome all these challenges.

With the effort and talent of an exceptional human team we have transformed ourselves into a company brimming with projects and looking forward to an exciting future.

Thank you very much to all those who have always trusted us.

Let's continue enjoying together!

Where we are

The company was founded in Ribera de Deusto. Thanks to Artiach, in the early twentieth century Bilbao enjoyed the appetising smell of freshly baked biscuits.

Always faithful to its origins, this sweet adventure continued and expanded to other locations. Nowadays the town of Orozko concentrates the largest production of biscuits.

Photograph of a professional at the Orozco factory of Artiach Map of Europe

Orozko (Spain)

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